Basketball Yoga Blast (Sample)

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Subject: Stopping the Leading Killer of Americans

Dear Reader of “Health Today” Magazine,

Who Is the Leading Killer of Americans?

  • It’s not war.
  • It’s not automobile accidents.
  • It’s not cancer.
  • It’s not terrorism
  • It’s not physical damage to your body.

Research Indicates its Cardiovascular Disease.

If you could minimize your chances of dying from cardiovascular disease how much would it be worth to you?

Take that one cause of your death off the table! You might live to 100! Who knows, with the current advances in technology – maybe longer!

No question at all, it would be worth a great deal.

How much would each extra day of life be worth to you?

If you knew where you could buy extra days, how much of your net worth would you spend on additional days?

You know you would max out all of your credit resources, wouldn’t you? I would. So, let’s put a bit of cash to work, right now!

Today, I’m announcing a new exercise program called,

“Basketball Yoga Blast!”

“Basketball Yoga Blast,” is a collection of yoga poses and basketball dribbling sequences. The combined the strengths of basketball and yoga together get you physically conditioned enough to maximize your cardiovascular health along with the health of the rest of your body.

In the program, you are taught a series of sequences that include basketball dribbling and yoga poses. You time all sequences so that you can keep records of your progress. The sequences begin simple and become more complex and more physically demanding as you progress through the program.

You do not need a basketball hoop or a basketball court. Any hard-paved surface will do. Uncluttered driveways, garages or basement floors work fine. The basketball part of each sequence requires only basketball dribbling.

I’m in my seventies. I’ve been using this program for three months! My weight is getting healthy as I gradually trim down so that I don’t lose too much too soon. The program works for me, so I’m sure it will work for you.

Daily diet advice and daily goals are included with the program because proper nutrition and exercise both play roles in the maximizing of a person’s physical and mental health.

You’ll have a much better outlook on life, especially looking in a mirror.

I’ve tried diets before. They do not work over the long haul. A healthy lifestyle is what you need and “Basketball Yoga Blast” helps you achieve that goal one step at a time so that you develop habits that will last the rest of your life. You will be much better able to pursue your dreams when your outlook on life is more positive, and your physical health is assured.

“Basketball Yoga Blast,” will bring you to a state of physical and mental conditioning that will minimize your risk factors associated with Cardiovascular Disease. In doing so, you will live to a fabulous old age with the physical capacity and skills to enjoy all of that extra time.

When you sign up below, you will receive the following.

  • A set of six video DVDs showing every Basketball Yoga Blast sequence.
  • An illustrated book describes every Basketball Yoga Blast sequence. Both in pictures and text.
  • Six durable rubber cones used to mark the path traversed for each sequence.
  • A regulation basketball with inflation pump and needle.
  • A log book suitable for keeping track of your progress. There is an Android and iPhone APP that can also be used.
  • A high-quality yoga floor matt for when you’re not on your feet.
  • A digital stopwatch.
  • An Apache OpenOffice spreadsheet to keep track of everything in the program.
  • “The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine” by Elson M. Haas and Buck Levin (Author)
  • Access to the Basketball Yoga Blast web site, for updates, tracking, and discussions with other Basketball Yoga Blast people!
  • Three years of free updates to Basketball Yoga Blast.

Basketball Yoga Blast takes you one step at a time from simple sequences to more complex and demanding sequences. You can set goals that you can commit to on a schedule that you can control.

The included spreadsheet will help keep the data for you and adjust your schedule automatically based on your real progress. Our web site can do this for you also if you don’t feel like working with the spreadsheet on your computer.

Everyone starts at a different point. Some people who can run marathons may progress quickly with BASKETBALL YOGA BLAST. Some people who have not physically challenged themselves ever, may progress slowly at first and then move quickly with BASKETBALL YOGA BLAST. It is your choice. We are all different. The point is to do it and continue to do it. “Use it or lose it,” as my Dad used to say!

A journey with progress is essential.

BASKETBALL YOGA BLAST sequences progress from beginner to advanced. You pay one time for the program as described above. Even if you move at a breakneck pace, the DVDs will keep you progressing for years, especially when you step into the team drills.

It’s not part of the program but something I must mention. Some BASKETBALL YOGA BLAST individuals have teamed up and formed BASKETBALL YOGA BLAST teams that can play basketball well enough to keep up with Globe Trotters! When you get to this stage, you will be the envy of everyone your age and younger.

The program has been tested with 13-year-old teenagers to 75 plus-year-old seniors. Healthy mind and body tips related to basketball and yoga drills are integral to the program. The combination of basketball and yoga will push your conditioning to the limits.

Updates are important. As it becomes more popular will be updated. We ask that you communicate with us once you have settled in for a month so we can analyze your progress by sending us a copy of your logbook and/or a copy of the spreadsheet that you are keeping. We only ask for these things if you are using them. If not, we will have enough from other members of the program.

Basketball Yoga Blast has a web site. Once you purchase the program, you will be given a sign-on to that website where you can obtain all of the updates to the program. The updates will be posted on the web site as video supplements your DVD set. Those videos will be released on DVD for modest production cost.

The world doesn’t stand still – The program is growing, and you will grow with it. When enough people order the advanced DVDs, a new more advanced addition to the program will be available on both DVD and online video.


You are encouraged to follow these well-known practices of Human Cardiovascular Health in tandem with Basketball Yoga Blast.

  • Be physically active every day – Your whole body, all its muscles, and especially the heart are included. With Basketball Yoga Blast, you are in training just like an Olympic athlete. Your lungs will react by becoming more efficient in using air to send oxygen to your muscle’s cells. Increased lung capacity will make more oxygen available to all of your cells. Your blood vessels will become more adept at moving blood from your lungs to those cells and back again. That is what conditioning does and does very effectively.
  • Proper nutrition – I’m betting that if you commit to this program, you will change significantly to help maintain performance in your Basketball Yoga Blast. Why buy an expensive race car and pour cheap dirty liquids into its water, oil, and gas reservoirs? If you wouldn’t do it to your “car,” why would you do it to your “body”? Think about it. No “car” and you walk. No “body” and you die! You are what you eat. That is the way it works! Study up on nutrition! We are giving you one excellent book with the program.
  • Stop Smoking – If you’re really committed to the Basketball Yoga Blast program, would you continue to smoke tobacco? I don’t think so. The news is out. Smoking is harmful to your body in many ways. If you changed your whole life to be physically active and in excellent physical condition would you continue to smoke and throw it all away? NO! You are too smart, and the habit-forming effects of smoking tobacco can be defeated. Many have done so!
  • Lower blood cholesterol – Basketball Yoga Blast with proper nutrition and no smoking will lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the good cholesterol (HDL). It is a proven fact, and it’s the correct thing to do. So, help me help you and do it.
  • Maintain a healthy weight – Again the previous items on the list will almost force you to maintain a healthy weight. Basketball Yoga Blast burns calories. Excellent nutrition limits calories. The results are irrefutable! Expose your six-pack!
  • Lower high blood pressure – The same as step 5.
  • Manage diabetes – If it is type 1 you are taking insulin and do not have a well-functioning pancreas. That is unfortunate but not impossible. Just keep taking the insulin and use Basketball Yoga Blast. If you are type2, you may be able to stop drugs for it. Make sure you contact your doctor on this for either situation.
  • Reduce stress – Stress is like a magnifying glass. The more the stress, the bigger the problems. With stress, all of the negative parameters will be magnified. With Basketball Yoga Blast the Yoga component will dramatically reduce stress. Reducing stress is clearly one of the very positive aspects of Yoga.
  • Limit alcohol – Basketball Yoga Blast cannot be done if you consume too much alcohol. If you are genuinely committed to your conditioning program, you WILL lower your alcohol consumption. It will make sense to you, and you will want to do it.



Health Features of (Basketball Yoga Blast)

  • Increased muscle strength and tone – With regular training keeping yourself in correct positions, you will strengthen the muscles in your legs, back, arms and core.
  • Increased flexibility – Stretching your muscles. They become longer they stronger. Dribbling a basketball will give you an excellent full-body workout and very sharp coordination.
  • Energy levels – Yoga can help to increase Cortisol levels, which then reduce fatigue.
  • Improved respiration – Breathing in yoga positions promote relaxation and calmness, but it also builds up great respiratory stamina promoting a healthy heart.
  • Basketball increases heart health – Constantly moving, keeps your heart pulse in the training mode, and your body is trained to handle the increased level of activity.
  • Low impact weight loss – Even though Yoga doesn’t keep your heart in the training range for a long time. Your body uses muscle energy to maintain a healthy position in contrast to that classic couch position. Loose a few extra pounds?
  • Play basketball! You can use Basketball Yoga Blast dribbling techniques in a real game of basketball. You will dazzle both teams when you trip lightly around the court. And just imagine posing a yoga warrior position just before passing the ball or taking a jump shot!
  • Balancing metabolism – All-encompassing yoga works all aspects of your body and mind, restoring your system metabolism.
  • Circulatory health – Because of its breathing techniques, controlled positioning, and muscle targeting exercises, yoga works all three of your systems at the same time and benefits your cardiovascular health a great deal.
  • Controlled breathing – builds endurance! Making sure your heart is healthy is essential. All of this will help lower the risk of stroke and heart disease.
  • Injury protection – Specific yoga moves can guide you to injury restoration and prevention. This excellent sport helps improve and build bone strength. Physical activity of any kind that involves weight bearing allows the formation of new bone tissue. Stronger bones result. So do the muscles! Basketball consists of the tugging and pushing of muscles against bone.
  • Athletic performance – Yoga improves so many aspects of fitness. That will make any other training you do far more effective. There’ll be an increase in power, greater focus than before, better endurance and balance, and peace of mind. Many athletes in team sports or Olympic competition do yoga as part of their training program.
  • Stress management – By practicing yoga and incorporating its breathing and meditation techniques, you are developing skills to manage your stress levels. Basketball requires a fast-paced, skillful player. However, it is also a mind game that requires you to think on your toes.
  • Basketball Yoga Blast – not only takes care of the health of your heart and lungs. It also helps condition your balance and the health of all parts of your body, including both arms and legs.




Imagine your 110th birthday. You wake up at 6:00 AM with your wife. Together, you hop out of bed. Yes, you hop because you can. All of your body’s systems perform like they did fifty-five years ago. I said all of them! Fifty-five has become middle-aged!

First, you work through your one-hour Basketball Yoga Blast routine. Then it’s a shower followed by breakfast around 9:00 am. Both of you get dressed in casual clothing and head together for work in an office that you finance in a small town in Florida.

Together, with enduring keen minds, you run a direct response copywriting business. Your reputation and income are strong because some of your copy has become the control copy in your niche market. In fact, you wrote the copy that kicked off sales of Basketball Yoga Blast which has its own magazine now with a vast circulation. Technique and success stories are covered by the magazine.

After work, you and your wife attend your birthday party with all of your friends who for the most part are Basketball Yoga Blast members and/or copywriters.

Those extra days you bought with Basketball Yoga Blast hard work are fabulous!

Life is good!


The total cost of Basketball Yoga Blast is only $500! One thing I know. You’re going to love the program. Remember Basketball Yoga Blast is 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us for a complete refund.

Order before May 30th, 2019 and the cost is only $385! That’s $115 off the regular price!

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Order before May 1st, 2019 and we will include a two-year subscription to Yoga Journal for everything yoga!

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