“Harry and The Natives (Sample)”

“Harry and The Natives”

Brings old Florida into your future

The South West corner of the intersection between US Route 1 and Bridge Road is the location of Harry and the Natives Restaurant. The first owners had picked this location because of its strategic value as crossroads handling traffic headed to attractions in all directions. A business at this intersection could not help but flourish as Florida gained its status as one of the vacation spots for the world. However, the completion of the Florida Turnpike and I95 took a lot of the strategic value out of the location. The North and South traffic slowed remarkably as it had almost everywhere that US I-95 completed.

Now the restaurant had to become great to get the crowds to the location. No one knew it at the time, but it happened!

The first owners opened, “The Cypress Cabins and Restaurant,” on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th, 1941, the beginning of WWII for the USA!  As it turned out, the war made America great, and eventually so did Harry and the Natives. Initially, in the next eleven years, the, “The Cypress Cabins and Restaurant,” passed through seven owners and finally became “The Farm” as the new owners, Jack and Pauline MacArthur, farmers from Michigan, named it in 1952. The property remains in the MacArthur family to this day.

The MacArthur family worked as a team pitching in together to make the restaurant and cabins work. It wasn’t until 1989, though, when Harry MacArthur, one of the two younger MacArthur sons, returned to Hobe Sound. Harry, an experienced chef, remodeled the restaurant kitchen, and renamed, “The Farm,” to, “Harry and the Natives.” Eventually, under Harry’s expert guidance, the restaurant gained a new cover over an open area outside, and a full outside bar. The stage performers wait staff and customers all stay dry as the band, outdoor bar, and dancers carry on the festivities.

I promise you that if you give Harry’s a try, you’ll be back over and over again.

I visited Harry’s on a Tuesday recently when the stage is open mike to performers who want to perform for free.  I even thought that maybe I would bring my guitar on a Tuesday and release some of my pent-up musical talents.

There were a dozen really talented performers with some moving up to the stage and some moving off in between each song. No matter who performed, everybody moved to the music. Pandemonium seeped into every crack and crevasse as the band pounded out hit after hit. I’m confident they needed no help from me. Maybe during the offseason, I’ll be able to strum some chords in front of a few people. I clapped and drank Vodka Martinis.

I have to mention that Harry’s has a collection of signs that will impart bits of wisdom on the reader. For example, “Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your glasses”, or, “Humor is a rubber sword – It allows you to make a point without drawing blood.”

I checked the specials for the day and settled into a piece of shepherd’s pie and soup. The potatoes came fluffy and piled deep onto the perfectly seasoned ground beef. While the music continued, I finished the meal.

The band played from 6 to 9. I cannot overemphasize the excellent time I had as did everyone else around me. Harry waited on some tables. He could be seen all of the time making sure that all went well on that very busy night. There wasn’t a seat that didn’t get filled. If my wife Elaine had been with me, we would have danced in the area right in front of the stage. That would have been perfect.

Other’s Agree,

Love Harry and the Natives. Never disappoints, from beginning to end always fun. Excellent service with a smile. Piping hot coffee served in a big mug. I ordered the Corn beef hash Benedict so delicious. Hash is homemade. Great atmosphere and entertainment as well, a guy singing and playing guitar. Not to be missed if in Hobe Sound.

My wife and I moved to Hobe Sound in 2011. We discovered Harry’s before moving into our new home. The outdoor eating area at Harry’s is large, and that’s where we head every time. Outside, with a full bar and a stage for bands, we can drink, eat, dance, and be merry. I’ve always loved the food, even the gator burgers. The Jambalaya is fabulous. And if it rains hard enough, Harry’s becomes beachfront property.

Still the most fun family business I have had the pleasure to work with and for. Smiles are contagious, and Harry’s was downright fun, fun, fun. Food, service and entertainment a blast, thanks to MacArthur

family, Cheers.

Great place we have been going to for years. Harry is a great guy. Ask for him.

Helping youth in the area has been a big part of Harry’s making clear what the “and Natives” part of the restaurant’s name entails. Sponsoring sports teams, helping with school projects, finding scholarships, or providing Christmas cheer. The list is pretty much endless with much of Harry’s efforts flying “under the radar.”

Food was fresh and tasty. The location, ambiance, decor, owner, and the people that work there are what makes this place unique. It’s like you are in their home and you’re one of their friends that came over for a meal and good times.

At Harry’s, you can get the feel of the Florida that existed before the mouse moves to Florida to protect his assets and open Disney World.

We had a great birthday dinner! Even though they ran out of conch fritters! Too much fun! Food was great, and so was the service!

When you walk through the door of Harry and the Natives, it gives you the feeling of what Florida is all about. It’s like being on vacation: Great Food, Service, Atmosphere and Entertainment.

Be A Native At, Harry, and The Natives.

You, Will, Be Back

My husband had the shrimp scampi, and I had the Mahi Reuben sandwich. Both were delicious, and our server was excellent. Great and friendly service! Cute on the outside and attractive on the inside. Will go again when we are in the area.

Awesome. That is my third time in the area in the past year. Stopped here each time and hadn’t been disappointed yet. You might have to wait, but it’s well worth it. Just sit back, relax and enjoy …

First visit for lunch. Shrimp wrap stuffed full of shrimp and delicious. 2nd visit for breakfast. Eggs cooked over medium perfectly and bacon crisp. Hubby’s gator hash was a bit blah and chewy, though. Overall, we plan on returning. The waitstaff was great, and we love the outdoor setting.

Being a resident, we are grateful that this historic est is still the best place in town. The Ashville Benedict special is still my favorite. Also, appreciate what Harry does for the Little League and the Christmas parade.

Whenever I visit my Mom, this is one of our stops no matter what..great food, excellent service, great atmosphere. I’ve been going here for 20+ years with my family — just a fun, feel-good place.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

So, rush your name and email address to me. I’ve got a hundred $10 coupons waiting for the first 100 meal reviewers. You can’t go wrong.

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