Messages From The Sky Can Save You!

Imagine you’re lost in the swamps of southern Florida.

Imagine you’re lost in the mountains of Colorado.

Imagine you’re lost in the ocean over twenty miles out.

Imagine you’re lost on a river with many tributaries.

In all of these situations, imagine your cell phone useless because you are too far from a cell tower network. It’s not hard to do. Further, you are alone or you’re with someone who is also completely lost. Maybe the trail signs have not been maintained, or other guidance mechanisms have failed.

Messages from the sky can save you. I’m not talking about communication with a divine superior being called God. Remember, “God helps those who help themselves.” You could have done that if you had taken an interpreter with you that could understand the messages from the sky.

Messages from the sky in the form of Global Positioning Satellite data broadcast from a network of satellites placed in the sky by man to help all men find there way in the world.    

Garmin’s handheld GPSMAP 64st can capture those messages from the sky and display your location on a detailed map. You will not get lost.

In fact, using Google Earth and detailed map data, you can plan your whole route. Then using Garmin BaseCamp that route can be placed on the GPSMAP 64st. In this way, you can take all of the intelligence of Google Earth and a detailed topographical 24k US map with you in a very small waterproof package!

With the route you planned and the GPS data from the sky, the 64st will point its compass in the direction you should follow.

You will not have to depend on trail markers.

Just email me at and I’ll mail back the complete detailed instructions on how to manage the whole process.


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