Science Fiction Predicts the Future (Sample)

Science Fiction Predicts the Future

Yesterday’s Science Fiction = Today’s Science Reality


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Subject: Yesterday’s Science Fiction = Today’s Science Reality


Dear Science Fiction Enthusiast,


My name is George Curtis.


My crew and I predict the future. That sounds like an odd claim. Believe me, it is not. Read this email until the end, you will understand!


I’m the editor, “SCI-FI PREDICTIONS(SFP).” This is a life-changing magazine


Mankind accelerates on a steep technology curve. I mean yesterday’s yearly technological advances have become weekly. Soon average change will be daily.


“The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” by Ray Kurzweil, explains that progress quickens increasingly fast. If graphed expertise advances daily. The curve will get steeper reaching a vertical slope called the singularity. “SCI-FI PREDICTIONS,” magazine will become your indispensable tool for helping you interpret Science Fiction Reality planning for our futures. Science fiction stories help understand how our future lives will differ.


I will send you three $1 copies of, “SCI-FI PREDICTIONS.” Then if you agree that the magazine has vital information, order subscription.


Science Fiction identifies advanced technology. Groundbreaking technology is job1 for highly creative sci-fi writers. These writers look to the future and imagine. They imagine what people will need in the faster-paced future that we will be facing!


Just sixty years ago the cartoon detective Dick Tracy and associates communicated using a wrist-watch two-way radio. Eventually, they began traveling using magnetic-powered space autos. In 1964 with the use of these vehicles, Tracy and company landed on the moon. They found an advanced race of humanoids whose high technology meshed remarkably well with that of Tracy’s.


Imagine Dick Tracy and the police video conferencing while focusing, the wrist watches as they silently chased criminals with their magnetically powered vehicles. The vehicles can focus on the gravitational fields of the moon, the sun, and other planets. In this way, the cars are pulled in the direction of the planets.



In March 1984, less than thirty years later, the first handheld cell phone became available weighing 1.75 pounds. Not too small it became known as “The Brick.” The BRICK sold for $4,000 with a battery life of about 30 minutes.


Now, for around $500 we have regularly sized wristwatches that we video call with. And they handle a fantastic array of other functions. You can even gather information from a network of computers that contain endless amounts of information about our world. So, instead of visiting the library, you talk to your watch!





So, in the case of the Dick Tracey watch, Science Fiction became Science Reality with the development of Cell phones. This is happening every day. Technology increasingly makes gains in our lives. Think about what will happen if you can read a science fiction book’s future ideas. Then find someone who can predict with some degree of certainty what the future will hold.


The folks at, “SCI-FI PREDICTIONS,” magazine dissect several science fiction novels and magazine stories every month. Then they compare current technology trends to predict when science fiction will become a reality, why and when.


Imagine reading a magazine that uses science fiction to predict future technological developments.

Of all of the reports I’ve written in days gone by, this one ranks as one of my most important ones.  We must keep up.


For years my, “SCI-FI PREDICTIONS,” staff have been practicing. We have been using science fiction and current technology trends to predict future stock market activity.  We’ve made enough money to support ourselves well. This we will share with anyone who reads our magazine.


Think about how profitable it will be to know ahead of time which products will be obsolete and which new ones will last.



The Stock Market Reaction

The stock market reaction has been astounding. Technology stocks that represent the creative technology in Science Fiction are moving into influential positions, as we speak. The Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF (NASDAQ: BOTZ) has been full of individual winners so far this year — in fact, as of March 25, only two of the fund’s 37 holdings are losing ground. But the real attraction here is the long growth potential that lies ahead of the BOTZ ETF.


A New World Is Upon Us


Artificially intelligent robots have played a crucial part in the best science fiction robotic books since the 1950s. Robots possessing artificial intelligence have become a reality and will etch their presence into our future lives.


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are no longer Science Fiction. They are the Science Reality of our future lives.


If you know how technology is shaping future trends, you can more wisely invest in the stock market. You can avoid in soon to be products, and plan for the future with more confidence.


Act immediately, and you will receive your three trial magazines for only $1 per issue. That’s three months for three dollars. It’s a savings of $6 off the regular monthly price! If you are not completely satisfied with the three issues of the magazine, then just enter a 0 on the invoice that I will send you. If you want the magazine to keep coming, then pay the $36 for each year you are subscribing for. That will be 12 issues more than the three introductory offers.


I’m confident that you will love the magazine. So, when you buy a one-year subscription to, “SCI-FI PREDICTIONS,” we will send you an eBook copy of the novel, “The Zarnian Vodka Paradox” by Robert Albert, for $1. This book exemplifies the future of mankind and future science reality.


When you press the green button below, you will begin to complete the order process. That will set you up with a subscription for, “SCI-FI PREDICTIONS,” magazine. When you order the magazine, I’m including an E-Book copy of, “The Zarnian Vodka Paradox,” which will be sent to your email address.


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George Curtis








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