What’s in a Book (Sample)

I promise that if you read the novel which I’m about to describe, you will not be disappointed. The title is, “The Zarnian Vodka Paradox.” I’m a bit influenced by the fact that I wrote the book. It’s hard, therefore, to take an objective view.

I just plopped it down on the desk in front of me. It landed with a reassuring thud that gravity is still at work in our world. During the story, I describe a gravitational anomaly that threatens to tear a planet apart killing everyone living on it. You’ll have to read it to find out how that ends.

The book is 1” thick, 9” high, and 6” wide. It weighs 1 pound 6.4 ounces. But, the story inside spans eighty plus years and covers distances measured in light years.

The picture on the front shows jet fighters, flying saucers, a see-through vodka martini with olives, yellow sandy mountainous terrain, a man’s profile, a woman’s profile, and a couple of blue night sky colored heads. These cover items all play a part in the story that lives inside. They are like souvenirs of the story.

There are four-hundred and seventeen pages.

It is substantial in heft containing over 87,000 words that I spent a full-time year writing, editing, and publishing. That’s over 400 words per hour.

I did everything. The art work for the cover is mine, the book layout is mine, and of course the content is mine. I’m mostly very proud of the content. If you read the book, you’ll learn a great deal about me. It’s much more a part of me than the forty plus years I spent working in IT for a couple of large businesses. It’s so nice to point to an object and say, “I did that and I’m proud of it.” Individual work tends to lose its identity in a large corporation. I can’t point to anything there and say, “That’s mine!” So, I have my book and the one I did before it to point to and say, “I did that.”

I fan the pages toward my face feeling the cooling of moving air swishing by my cheeks and ears which hear the soft sound of pages colliding on each other. A book has its physical properties which you see and feel first. Then the real good stuff is in the prose that makes it interesting. I make the case that science fiction will become science reality during the adventures of one remarkable man and the friends he makes along the way.

One thing about writing that I discovered is that the story happens to the author while he is writing it.  I really enjoyed that part of the writing. Editing out errors in grammar were not so engaging!

So, now due to the miracle of publishing you can experience the same adventure that I did when I created the book for the very first time. Ultimately, reading is a method of time travel or mind reading using a book as the conduit.

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